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July 8, 2009

Jalan Padungan and beyond…

As for today, we decided to ventured around the Padungan area or known as Padungan Street. those days and these days are different as you can see all-kinda restaurants/pubs built within the aging structure of the shop house that was there longer than i ever live.



Photobucketthe backview of the gateway from the Padungan Street

Photobucketto my surprise, the clock is still working unlike ‘clock tower’ in miri

Photobucketthe frontview of the street

Photobucketthe Cat that will greet (emotion-less) upon your arrival

PhotobucketHock Lee centre, home of the musicians


PhotobucketLee Music Centre

Photobucketdon’t miss it if you happen to dropby at the date mentioned above


Crown Square Plaza


PhotobucketPondok Laguna Restaurant entrance

PhotobucketMr. Ho was not only in miri but here as well

PhotobucketJalan Sekama, a street that i have never been to before

Photobucketin the middle of the road taking shots

PhotobucketUncle Lim got shop in kch as well, thought only at Brighton

PhotobucketDewan Bandaraya Kuching Selatan (DBKS)

PhotobucketNational School of Horse Racing

Photobucketa B&B (Bed & Breakfast) concept inn

Photobucketabandoned shophouses

Photobucketwinding stairway to heaven


Photobucket175 degree Cafe

PhotobucketPinoy Grill Cafe (Philippines)

PhotobucketAsiana Gallery

PhotobucketBing ! Coffee… local version of Coffee Bean

Photobucketi do not know wat this shop is but i think they do sell Sake wine

Last but not least before we headed back home for afternoon nap, we went to this particular shop for some tasty duck and char siew rice. not to forget, they also serve ginseng chicken soup which fulffiled our lunch requirements.



Before we headed back to the hotel, we dropby this Christian bookshop (Hidden Treasures the name) along the way and picked up this particular book. We chatted up wit the owner and found out that she used to owned 2 pubs just down across the street, before the Lord call upon her. it’s amazing that the Lord can use anyone out there!


cheers & GB…

June 27, 2008

Coco Wang’s comic strips

Maybe some of you have seen these in your forwarded email inbox, or maybe some of you still do not have email. so here goes:

cheers & GB…

April 26, 2008

Sweetheart’s back!

My sweetie is back but i din get to see her cos i was having dinner wit parents that time. well, at least i still get to see her tomolo. yeah!

Talking bout office life… it’s been really quiet for me for these past few weeks. but thankfully one of them talk to me. of course the one who talked to me is the one who is the loudest in the whole account dept. it seems that i gave them a wrong impression that i’m a serious person. hello??? do i really look like one?! they judge me without getting to know me.

It’s partly my fault cos since the day i joined till now, i’ve never really have a proper conversation with them other than work-related topics. conversation that is work-related i have with them was totally in questions form. at least from today onwards, they’ll know wat kinda person i am.

Due to dinner wit parents, i’ve got to skip EYM cos it’s not everytime i get to eat out wit my parents. i honestly can say that i hardly join my parents for breakfast on sundays or shopping for years that i’ve lost count of.

Those days when still pursuing that piece of paper that certify you a Degree holder, it would war time wit parents due to the fact that i went out at nite often or doing some other things that is academically-related. but then now being in the working force, they won’t be bother if i were to be out everyday. still, they’ll voice out their opinion that going out is waste of money and that’s true.

With the graduations round the corner, preparations need to be done. first thing of course is the $$$. can’t believe that even for graduation, a lump sum of money need to be fork out. renting the regalia cost RM 100 and photo-taking package is another RM 348 (with family portrait) or RM 298 (w/o family portrait). on top of that, if you have siblings you wanna bring along you need to get extra ticket that costs a whooping RM 55! that is RM 5 more than last yr. luckily i’m the only child, so needless of extra tix. these are only the ‘external’ costs, not inclusive of ‘internal’ costs. ‘Internal’ costs for guys should be less than compare to the ladies. ladies on that occasion sure will go saloon to do their hair or getting make-up or new dresses.

Graduation thingy eventhough this will be my first time attending it with a huge number of other graduates, is not an event i anticipated so much. why? very simple… i have no idea even as now of how am i gonna sit thru the whole event watching and listening each and everyone of the graduates’ name to be call up to go on stage to collect the cert. i’ll think of something by then to cure my boredom.

Anyway, that’s all for now. here’s something i wanna share taken from Pravsworld.

cheers & GB…

April 9, 2008


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“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.”

~ Mahatma Gandhi

cheers & GB…

January 24, 2008

Sand drawing

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A video which was shown to us in class during break by our lecturer about sand drawing or sand animation. not any simple sand drawing though cos this are professional artist. so far, they are Ilana Yahav, Ferenc Cako and David Myriam which i can dig from the web. here’s one of the video:

Love 2008

The artist in the video is Ilana Yahav. another popular artist would be Ferenc Cakó and here are some videos from him too:

Vivaldi Four Seasons Spring Sand Animation

Vivaldi Four Seasons Summer Sand Animation

Vivaldi Four Seasons Autumn Sand Animation

Vivaldi Four Seasons Winter Sand Animation

Note: All videos are taken from YouTube.

Enjoy & GB…

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